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Northern Lights


I am going to call this my anti impostor syndrome page. When imposter syndrome hits I can visit this page and remind myself of why I started my business and that people do love my work.

"thank you so much I needed some hippie earrings and saw these they are perfect" -Aryelle May 12th, 2021

"These are gorgeous stickers, arrived quickly with a really sweet note from the seller, thank you! can't wait to spread some queer neurodiversity love 🌈💙" -Lucy June 19th, 2021

"First let me say that this sticker is *so much cuter* in person. They’re such a happy little meowshroom & I can’t help but feel that happiness when I see them. :3 Second, it was well protected vs. bending (thick cardboard, cut just to the size of the sticker), water (plastic sleeve), and scuffing (tissue paper… red, I appreciate the color matching!) Also, I got a couple cute little freebie stickers (incl. a lucky ladybug!) & a handwritten ty note that referenced the note I included to the artist when I bought the sticker. 🍄🐈🐞 10/10 great sticker, seller, & experience — def recommended!" -Cheryl Sep 15th, 2021

"So cute!!! Thanks for the extras and the nice note. Buy from this artist, she won’t disappoint." -VL September 16th, 2021

"Beautiful sticker and message <3 Really brightened my day. Thank you so much!" -Nichele Oct 9th, 2021

"I loved this shop! Was packaged well and arrived early. It came with a few freebies and the item is super great quality. It felt super personal and I loved it a lot! My boyfriend recently came out so I wanted to surprise him with this sticker for his lap top and feel it will be a great way for him to express his pride. The prices were great! I definitely recommend and will buy these products again!" -Sydney Oct 25th, 2021

"Both of the stickers I got were so cute and the little extras were adorable. I appreciate the effort put into each order, thanks so much!" -Audrey Nov 7th, 2021

"Wife was super happy with the gifts! The note made her day and brought a little bit of color to her neck of Missouri. They’re wonderful stickers thank you, Kristin. All 3 of us are neurodivergent so we love the cat!" "I love this little lesbian hedgehog so much. My wife and I’s running joke is that I’m a hedgehog because I am tiny and somewhat spiky. So I had to get this." "As a chronic illness sufferer, I needed this. People with divergence of any kind don’t owe you inspiration. This has been my Ted Talk." -Brittany Nov 12th, 2021

"I loved the sticker and personal note! Thank you and best of luck with your business." -Cyndy Dec 22nd, 2021

"I would give this shop 10 stars if possible! The sticker I ordered for my niece is perfect and she loves it. The shop owner sent my order with a few extras and a handwritten note!" -Tiffany Dec 28th, 2021

"My daughter loved this sticker! Second time I have ordered stickers from this seller and I will be ordering again. Wonderful quality." -Samantha Dec 30th, 2021

"I love the cat sticker! very pretty and great quality!! I love the lgbtq+ sticker! I'm so happy I got a mini rainbow milkshake because I wanted one! I also love the little cup of coffee. I live on coffee haha" -Sara Dec 31st, 2021

"Very thoughtful package, and the stickers are great quality! I put them on my noise cancelling headphones (that I use everyday) and they're still no sign of damage. Overall great experience!" -Dany Jan 12th, 2022

"Fantastic quality, and super nice seller!" -Stephani Jan 18th, 2022

"I love it!! It goes perfectly on my cat notebook for my business planning. The owner shipped super quick and love the quality." -Katlyn Jan 20th, 2022

"Great sticker! Came with some extra stickers that were so cute and made my day. Thank you🥰" -Jen Jan 20th, 2022

"Very cute, nice quality sticker! It has joined the other neurodiversity-related stickers on my ASD Resource Room door, and I get lots of compliments on it." -Neko Noir Jan 22nd, 2022

"Amazing stickers. They are really good quality. Love the bat design. Who doesn’t love a trans hedgehog, it’s so cute." -Araceli Jan 22nd, 2022

"Love this sticker! I am so happy to be supporting another Michigan Artist! The sticker is great quality and it came super fast! Love being able to support an LGBTQ+ business as well!" -Courtney Jan 25th, 2022

"So thankful to be able to purchase this AUsome gold infinity autism pride sticker. It is well made, and I am so excited to show it proudly on my water bottle." -Shilo Jan 30th, 2022

"SUPER CUTE!!! Totally recommend! the quality and attention to detail is awesome 💖 Thank you!" -Anders Jan 30th, 2022

"This sticker is huge. Great art on it, very clear and defined. It's pretty shiny too, which is super great. You can't go wrong ordering from this shop. I ordered several stickers and will be coming back for more!" "Beautiful stickers! They come very protected so they don't get damaged during shipping. The images are very clean, really good adherence to objects and I just ridiculously love them. ❤" -Raevyn Feb 7th, 2022

"I lOVE LOVE LOVE these stickers and the quality of them is SO good. I loved the packaging and the personalization that seemed to encompass the whole package. I loved the little freebies and will absolutely be ordering here again <3" -Noah Feb 9th, 2022

"The quality of these stickers is amazing!" -Araceli Feb 15th, 2022

"This whole package was beyond my expectations. The seller really cares for quality service to their customers. I’ll definitely be back and buy more" -Desireei Feb 16th, 2022

"These stickers are just too cute! They seem to be really well made and the owner of this shop was very helpful and nice! Also absolutely loved the cute little freebies. The packaging looked very nice as well and they apparently make tiktoks showing the packing process. Will definitely keep an eye on this shop for any future sticker needs!" -Rowan Feb 17th, 2022

"by far one of my favorite stickers ever!" -Carleigh Feb 27th, 2022

"shop owner is very kind and helpful! The sticker is beautiful with a glossy finish!" -Lava March 1st, 2022

"Great products! Kristin is so great to interact with too!" "I love this sticker! Being a multi-ND person this fits me! I even bought another to give to a friend!" -Sara March 13th, 2022

"this was more than I expected it is adorable" -Starla March 17th, 2022

"Definitely buying this one again! So cute! Great quality as well" (on review)

"I just recently purchased some stickers from your shop and got them yesterday and I wanted to say I love them so much!😍 They are so much cuter and cooler in person and I'm so happy I bought them. I was super excited to get them and I wanted to let you know that I think you have an amazing business. I also loved the card, even though I think you write similar things on every card it still made my day! I also wanted to thank you for all the free stickers you threw in and that I'm grateful for your kindness in the whole package. I also really loved the way you package your items, so cute!" -Isobel March 22nd, 2022

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