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I'm Kristin the founder, owner and only employee of my small business, PurrrdyNerdy. PurrrdyNerdy is my full time job and passion.

My art and items I make do not have a single niche more like all little parts of my personality, identity, love and passion!

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My Story

I Have always loved art, but took me a bachelor's in early childhood education and my fibromyalgia symptoms getting worse after my second child and time, to get back into my creative side.


I am a mother of two kids and 4 cats. Go ahead and call me the crazy cat lady! That is one piece of my art, my love for cats. 

I am also neurodivergent, ADHD and autistic and my two kids are also neurodivergent which is another piece, not only with making neurodivergent stickers spreading more than awareness, but acceptance for neurodivergence. Also, letting my ADHD take rains, at times, giving me an array of items. "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." -Benjamin Franklin

Another main part is fully accepting that I am bisexual, demisexual and genderqueer/AutiGender. I can certainly tell you, you can not pray the gay away (grew up around a lot of conservative Christians), nor can you shove it so down deep that you forget about it, without cracking the foundation of your self worth and self identity. Now, that I am free and patching up the foundation of self, I want to share amazing LGBT+ items. I offer many flags and can personalize any other flag that someone wants, as an affirming unconditional love that not everyone gets from the people around them.     

As I have learned self acceptance, boundaries and self love I want to share that with others. You are loved; you are strong; you are amazing; you are worthy; you are enough!

I am also smoke weed for chronic pain and anxiety, so I have a few weed stickers. 


Have any questions, requests, ect, you can contact me using the form below or just click the envelope icon to the right.
Want to keep up to date on new stickers and watch packing videos, follow me on tiktok. messages on tiktok are not checked very often.

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