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Parallel Lines

FAQ and Store Policies

Store Policies


Returns are accepted for unused and in the same condition as when mailed out.

Return Shipping

Original shipping and return shipping are both the responsibility of the customer. 


A refund for your item(s) amount minus shipping will be sent after returned items arrive and are inspected.


  • Shipping

How long does shipping take?

Length of shipping will depend on a couple different factors:

USA orders-

Via a Stamp: average of 2-8 business days

Small Packages via Shipping Label: an average of 1-3 business days 

International orders-

Via a Global Stamp: I could not find a timeframe range for this on USPS's site

Small package Via a Shipping Label: 1-3 weeks

*time quotes are based on USPS's site and may very during different times of the year

How are items shipped?


Stickers have the option to be shipped via stamp or shipping label:

With both options stickers are placed in a cardstock envelope, to help prevent bending. They are then wrapped in tissue paper and then in a sealed plastic to protect from any elements on its way. Making it a wonderful gift idea with the ability to send it straight to the recipient. 

Sent via stamp: they are then put into a brown kraft envelope.

Sent via shipping label: they will then be put in a poly bubble mailer. 


Earrings are first attached to a cardboard earring hold and then placed in its own self-sealing plastic, wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and then placed in a poly bubble mailer. 

Wristlets/Key Fobs:

wristlets come with a cute cardstock kitty attached to it, wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a poly bubble mailer

Acrylic Based Keychains:

Keychains come with a cute cardstock kitty attached to it, placed in a self-sealing plastic bag, wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a poly bubble mailer.

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What are they made of?

My stickers are made using a waterproof vinyl sticker paper, my inkjet printer, topped with UV resistant laminate and cut with a cricut.

Can I have _ LGBTQ+ flag on _?

Yes, I am more than happy to make your flag on the sticker! If there is more than one flag, you can leave a note for the general color combo, so I know I have the correct one when I look up the hex codes.


Can you make _ (insert marginalized group I am not a part of) sticker? ex Black Lives Matter or red hand over mouth for missing and murdered indigenous women.

No, I am not a part of either of the groups mentioned above and as a white person I should not be profiting of the pain of these groups. I am sure there are many artists who are in those groups where you can get those stickers from.

Can I wash them on a cup?

You can handwash them, but they fade in the dishwasher, likely due to heat.

Can I put them on a car?

I am going to leave this option completely up to you, but I can not guarantee it will work on all vehicles under all circumstances. 

The vehicle testing I have done so far. We have had one on a side window of our SUV for about 4 months so far from Nov-Feb. No carwash and not in summer heat. We did have snow and cleaned snow off of them. Our vehicle is also not in direct sunlight when parked at our house. The laminate I use is listed as weather and UV resistant. There is a chance that over time it may fade in prolonged direct sunlight.

Can I put them on my laptop or phone?

Yes! I have quite a few on my laptop. I have a couple on my phone that has head up with taking my phone in and out of my pocket and taking in the bath with me.


What are they made of?

The earrings are made of faux leather. Which are listed as PU synthetic or PVC. If the item contains lace,  chunky or fine glitter, as well that will be on the product info.

Both fish earring hooks and jump rings are made of silver plated alloy, which is safe to you skin with non-irritating reaction, and the earring backs are made of clear silicone resin.

How should I store them?

Your earrings should be stored flat.

How do I clean them?

They should only be spot cleaned with a damp rag.

They curled, what should I do?

My mom once had this happen after sleeping in them, if you store them between a book or two flat heavyish things they will straighten back out.

How else should I care for them?

Don't wear them while swimming or taking a shower. Don't sleep in them.


What are they made of?

The wristlets are made of faux leather. Which are listed as PU synthetic or PVC. If the item contains lace,  chunky or fine glitter, as well that will be on the product info. I have not added any extra backing to them. 

Hardware is made of metal iron plating top quality materials that makes them sturdy, safe and non-allergic

Is the metal hardware firmly attached?

Yes, I do a yank test with everyone I make!


What are they made of?

The base of the keychains is acrylic. The designs are either made of permanent or removable vinyl. Removable vinyl then has layer of an acid free, 3-D, clear glossy sealant. 

Store Policies
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How are items shipped?
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Resin Items
Resin Items

What are they made of?

UV resin, mica powder for coloring and inclusions range from reg glitter, chunky halo glitter, chunky iridescent glitter, as well as smaller resin items inside of shakers.

How many colors can I choose for custom?

Currently 3 is the max(does not apply to word/pronoun dangle earrings), once I get more used to doing 4 I will move it to 4 colors

What are the colors I can choose for my custom resin?

See image below for my current mica powder color options

What LGBTQ Flags are you able to do in resin items?

As I am just starting out with resin I can currently do Bi, pan, and trans flags easily. I am currently working towards doing more. I have done rainbow for the cat heads, but those are set to sell if I make them currently. For the dangle/pronoun dangle earrings I can do Bi, Pan, trans, non-binary, genderqueer and ace for sure. Rainbow can be done on any that are at least 3 letters. If any of the colors below would make your flag, just let me know what colors in what order. 

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